Residential Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol addictions are chronic diseases that can, unfortunately, have a devastating impact on all aspects of a person’s life for a lifetime. Everything from your ability to have healthy, happy relationships with family and friends to your ability to earn a steady income and pursue goals can be jeopardized.

Drug and alcohol addictions are chronic diseases that can, unfortunately, have a devastating impact on all aspects of a person’s life for a lifetime. Everything from your ability to have healthy, happy relationships with family and friends to your ability to earn a steady income and pursue goals can be jeopardized when you are battling a drug or alcohol addiction. However, with practical and intensive treatment, recovery is possible. Now that you have decided to pursue healing and to improve your wellness, the vital matter of finding the right addiction treatment program requires your attention.

At Long Island Treatment Center, we have helped many individuals and their families in the local area move beyond drug and alcohol addiction through our customized approach to treating addiction. The path to healing and recovery may not be easy. Still, you can succeed at achieving a healthier way of life through our compassionate team’s effective treatment and support. Our residential addiction treatment is an intensive rehabilitation program that may be the right option for you. After you learn more about our program, we encourage you to connect with one of our helpful team members for a personal consultation and an assessment of your needs.

Our Commitment to Your Recovery

At Long Island Treatment Center, our skilled team of therapists, medical professionals, nutritionists, and other specialists come together to provide each patient with a personalized, comprehensive approach toward healing. Your road to addiction may have been long and winding with numerous contributing factors, but rest assured that recovery is possible.

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We are committed to helping you heal through a customized recovery plan that uses proven, intensive treatment strategies. Rest assured that each member of our staff is committed to one important goal, and that goal is to help you recover from your addiction.

What Is Residential Addiction Treatment?

Inpatient addiction treatment is not the right path for everyone, but our residential addiction treatment program offers exceptional benefits that could be crucial to your successful experience and outcome. Residential addiction treatment is an inpatient program that often begins with detoxification. Depending on the addiction’s type and severity, detoxification may extend through several days, and our on-site medical team will monitor it. The detoxification process will be followed by intensive, on-site treatment for approximately four to six weeks or more. However, because each patient progresses through their recovery process at an individual rate, your inpatient treatment timeline may vary.

At Long Island Treatment Center, we provide a controlled environment that fosters healing. We provide around-the-clock support from medical and non-medical staff members, so you will always have the care you need throughout your recovery. We also offer structured activities throughout each day that progress you along the road to recovery. Our private, homelike facility enables you to focus on your recovery without external distractions or interference.

The Path to Recovery at Long Island Treatment Center

Addiction is a disease that has physical, emotional, and psychological impacts. The road to a successful recovery must focus on all aspects of addiction. This is what you can expect from inpatient alcohol rehab and drug rehab at Long Island Treatment Center. Whether you visit us for inpatient alcohol rehab, drug rehab, or both, your recovery plan will include both group and individual therapy sessions that focus on wellness. Physical health will be fostered through medical supervision as well as a focus on both nutrition and physical activity. Because recovery from addiction is a lifelong process, we also provide our patients with the tools and resources necessary to succeed after the inpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment has concluded.

An Environment That Fosters Healing and Recovery

The stressors of everyday life can be intense, and they can hamper the first stages of recovery. Residential addiction treatment at Long Island Treatment Center removes you from the environmental factors that may have been contributing to your dependence on drugs and alcohol, and this provides you with a solid foundation for recovery and healing. Our center’s calm, relaxing environment enables you to focus on what is most important at the moment, and that is your wellness and recovery. You can benefit fully from the comprehensive treatment program tailored specifically to accommodate your needs through your deep focus on healing.

A Personalized Approach Toward Recovery

There are proven approaches to drug and alcohol rehab, and we actively combine these approaches as we tailor a recovery plan for each of our patients. Generally, a recovery plan at Long Island Treatment Center has a step-down approach that fosters incremental healing at the patient’s own pace. Because the road to recovery is not straight and steady for many people, you are assured that we will continue to tailor and adjust your recovery plan as needed. By doing so, we enable you to progress toward a higher level of wellness throughout your treatment and beyond. Rest assured that you will receive dedicated support from our diversified team of professionals on a daily basis.

What to Expect from Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction can touch every aspect of your life. This includes your physical and emotional well-being, personal and professional relationships, financial situation, and more. While the first step in drug and alcohol rehab for many of our patients is detoxification, a successful approach toward lasting recovery and lifelong wellness is well-rounded and comprehensive. At Long Island Treatment Center, we carefully integrate numerous components into each tailored recovery plan that we create specifically for each patient. These components serve as the foundation of recovery and enable each individual to progress through their recovery at their own pace. What are the foundations of a recovery plan at our treatment center?

A Structured Environment

One of the many benefits of inpatient alcohol rehab and drug rehab at Long Island Treatment Center is the caring, supportive environment. Our treatment center provides the ideal space for each patient to focus on healing from physical, mental, and emotional standpoints. Personal reflection and growth are hallmarks of recovery, and our center’s homelike environment fosters those essential aspects of the healing process. Rest assured that you will feel comfortable with our wide range of on-site amenities and resources throughout your stay.

Our Compassionate Staff

At Long Island Treatment Center, we take a team approach to residential addiction treatment. Our patients benefit from around-the-clock attention from compassionate caregivers. During your stay, your recovery will be supported by a robust team of experts who are each focused on your path to wellness. Our team includes medical professionals, licensed therapists and counselors, nutritionists, case managers, and others who each play a unique and essential role in your overall treatment.

Compassionate Staff

Medical Supervision

Throughout your treatment, you will have direct access to a team of medical professionals. This team includes physicians, nurses, psychologists, and others. Your physical health will be carefully monitored by our medical team regularly throughout your inpatient treatment. Medications will be adjusted as needed, and other essential care will be provided to ensure that you move toward an improved state of health.

A Focus on Nutrition

Nutrition is a hallmark of health and well-being, and a dedicated dietitian will carefully monitor it. Through delicious, homemade meals that are carefully planned to deliver the nourishment that your body needs, your body will have what it needs to heal at the deepest level.

Individual and Group Therapy

Throughout your inpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment at Long Island Treatment Center, you will benefit from various therapies. Regular individual treatment may be combined with small group therapy sessions. Depending on the patient’s needs, family and marriage therapy may also be incorporated into the recovery plan. Through our tailored approach to supporting recovery in these ways, our patients can learn strategies for coping, overcoming challenges, mitigating temptation, and more.

Social Activities

While drug and alcohol rehab is a personal journey, social interaction is vital for personal development and mental health. We facilitate a successful recovery through a variety of indoor and outdoor social activities. These focus on trust-building, teamwork, dependability, and other essential aspects of social well-being.


Recreational activities foster improved physical and mental health, and they provide the opportunity for social growth. Your recovery plan includes various recreational activities and sports that may take place on our grounds or in a supervised environment away from the center.

Our Focus on Continuity of Care

Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction does not end after the inpatient treatment process has concluded. We continue to support your recovery efforts through tailored outpatient programs. Because each patient has unique needs and concerns, we will help you structure an ongoing outpatient program that is well-suited for you. Some of the possibilities include individual counseling, 12-step meetings, sober living, and more. Beyond these post-rehabilitation care options, we offer assistance with medication management, vocational rehabilitation, parenting instruction, and social services.

Your Wellness Is Our Top Priority

The addiction treatment center you select plays a direct role in all aspects of your rehabilitation. It continues to be a part of your recovery well after your inpatient treatment has been completed. At Long Island Treatment Center, we are focused on one important goal. That goal is to help each patient achieve their rehabilitation and recovery goals. We provide each patient with the full support and care needed throughout each stage in the recovery process. At the same time, we tailor the types and level of care that we provide to meet each patient’s needs at the moment. You will experience our passion for your wellness from your first consultation and throughout your recovery process.

Is Residential Addiction Treatment Right for You?

Residential addiction treatment is often recommended for individuals living with a moderate or severe addiction to alcohol or a wide range of drugs. Some of these may include cocaine, heroin, benzodiazepines, methamphetamine, opiates, and marijuana. Often, these addictions are in combination with depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. Our inpatient treatment program addresses all contributing factors with a focus on complete healing.

Are you trying to decide if inpatient or outpatient treatment is the best option for you? Contact Long Island Treatment Center today to start your path to recovery. We fully support our patients throughout all stages of their recovery journey, and this begins when we help you identify the treatment approach that is well-suited for you.

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