Table of Contents

Our Mission

At Long Island Recovery Center, our mission is to equip clients and their families with the necessary tools, knowledge and resources they need to achieve lifelong sobriety. We aim to provide our clients with customized treatment care that allows them to focus on each step of their recovery.

Who We Are

Addiction is a perplexing disease, one that creates heartbreak and chaos for the whole family. With it, comes a sense of despair, as people watch their loved ones disintegrate before their eyes. It can seem like a hopeless and permanent state, but you don’t have to face it alone.

Long Island Recovery Center was created with the sole purpose of offering guidance, hope, and evidence-based treatment resources for those suffering from substance abuse. No matter what underlying causes and issues have led to a person’s addiction, Long Island Recovery Center can help you through it with education and resources. The Long Island Center helps communities and individuals by facilitating collaboration and partnerships with the main focus on developing community awareness and increasing education about the risks of alcohol and substance abuse and helping individuals’ access resources and guidance that are available in a multi-county area.

Addiction involves an intense craving for something, such as opioids and benzos, loss of control over its use, as well as continuing involvement with it in the face of adverse consequences. It is vital to understand drug or alcohol addiction, including their various causes before a person can overcome them.

Depending on the person, there are different factors that trigger substance abuse and addiction. We explain the way drugs and alcohol addiction affect your brain and body, the different reasons individuals resort to addictive substances, and how you can overcome alcoholism and drug addiction so that you can start anew.