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We strongly believe that with the right support and help, you can successfully overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol and lead a sober and clean life. The decision to find a drug or alcohol rehab or a detox center is the first and most important step toward a new and healthy life.

To get started on the road to recovery, give us a call right now. Our support line is there for anybody to discuss addiction and treatment options with one of our courteous and helpful advisers. You’re not alone if you are battling drug or alcohol addiction. Long Island Treatment Center will help you find the best resources and drug rehab solution.

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Options for Addiction Recovery


A lot of the most common signs of a drinking problem are very noticeable, but some may take a lot longer to come to the surface during the course of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment


More than twelve percent of American individuals have used benzodiazepines, and at least seventeen percent of those have misused these prescription drugs.

Benzo Addiction Treatment


Cocaine addiction can produce powerful mood swings as well as depression and anxiety. Learn more about how cocaine addiction can be properly treated.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment


Knowing the telltale signs of heroin addiction is the first step to addressing the problem. Learn how to get yourself or your loved one the help they deserve.

Heroin Addiction Treatment


How can you recognize the signs of marijuana abuse? If you or your loved ones notice these behaviors, it may be time to seek treatment for marijuana addiction.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment


Crystal meth can have detrimental effects on the both the body and mind of individuals who abuse the substance. Learn more about what's involved with recovery from meth.

Meth Addiction Treatment


It's no secret that the opiate epidemic in America is still growing. Learn how to get professional help and gain resources for your lifelong recovery from addiction.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

The Long Island Treatment Center Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide individuals as well as their families the opportunity to choose a healthier and better way of life. Long Island Treatment Center aims to bridge the gap of valuable information related to drug and alcohol addictions between individuals and communities that need assistance, education, and guidance and the agencies, counselors, or organizations that provide assistance. We want to inspire hope and healthy choices through guidance and education so individuals and families can recover from addiction.

Addiction Help with a Convenient Long Island Location

No matter what underlying causes and issues have led to a person’s addiction, Long Island Treatment Center can help you through it with education and resources. Our Long Island rehab center helps communities and individuals by facilitating collaboration and partnerships with the main focus on developing community awareness and increasing education about the risks of alcohol and substance abuse and helping individuals’ access the addiction help they need within the Nassau and Suffolk county areas of New York. Learn more about our facility and its amenities!

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Reaching out and asking for help is one of the hardest things you can do. We know, as many of us have been there ourselves. Let us guide you on your journey to a life of freedom from the grips of alcohol and drug addiction. Take the first step and contact us today!

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